Why Would A Bondsman Consider You A Flight Risk?

When we commit a crime the number one thing we have going through our minds is how do we get out of this without getting in trouble.  This is a natural human reaction to these situations and one that bondsmen have to work with on a daily basis.

For many people, running and trying to avoid the law may sound exciting and impressive.  Many movies and television programs glorify running and for many, they do get away for days, weeks, months and even years before they are caught.  However, if you run, eventually they will catch up with you and throughout that time you are looking over your shoulder wondering if this is the last day. 

For those out of jail under the terms of a Sacramento Bail Bonds, being a flight risk is not a good idea.  If you run then you will just be prolonging and increasing the trouble that you are going to be in.  A bondsman will consider you to be a flight risk if you have some or all of the following criteria.

Ties to a distant community

The bondsmen that work at companies like Acme Bail Bonds don’t feel like chasing you all across the state, country or even the world.  So, if you have ties to a distant community such as a mother in Florida or a grandparent out west, this may be a location that you may go to or get help from in order to escape your responsibilities.

When a bondsman sees this, they will take it into consideration and determine if the risk is too great.  Also, another factor is the money that your family may have.  If your family is well off and their disposable income may help keep you away from justice, they may consider this and not issue your bond.

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The one thing that a bondsman wants you to do is go in front of the judge and have your day in court.  If they have to chase you then it may be too much of a risk and they will allow you to sit in jail.